Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials

Hello There…
Today I have something really different for you guys from my other blog posts. It’s about “must have products in summer.” This is my very first review post and I’m very excited to share my exprience with you guys. (PS: I’ve been using these products for more than 2 years now.)
So Here we go…
4 products which according to me is necessary for you skin care this summer.

  • The very first Product in the skin care regime is a Face wash. Here is this Neutrogena deep clean facial cleanser. My absolute favorite one.
    I started using this face wash when I was done with all those beauty face washes like clean and clear, dove, ponds etc.  All of those made my skin rough, patchy, tight and dull.

  • It says it’s for normal to oily skin which means it brings your skin to a normal tone from oily skin tone. It claims ‘It is a penetrating and through cleanser that improves your complexion.’  So before buying it I seeked some advice from my dermatologist and she told me she herself uses this product. Though it is a little expensive but works wonder.
    Cleans so deeply and thoroughly that it improves the look and feel of skin. Skin is left clean with no pore- clogging residue. Your complexion looks fresh and healthy, feels smooth and soft from deep within.

  • Oil-free

  • Alcohol-free

  • Dermatologist tested.

 Available at :


  • Second and the most important product after face wash is this Moisturizer Called “EMOLENE”. This is a moisturizer which is well suited for all kinds of skin type and is extremely effective.

  • THE PACKAGING : Recommended by dermatologists ,The cream/ Moisturizer comes in a blue rectangular outter box. Inside is this aluminium tube containing the cream. This cream does not come under a beauty product.
    As this cream is water based the tube has grapics of droplets on the packaging.
    THE PRICE : Rs 190 for 100 g

  • Earlier it used to be way less priced but since a year they have increased the price of this product. It still is worth every penny.

    THE CLAIM : Emolene is a hydronourisher that restores the natural moisture balance of the skin. Perfect for dry skin treatment but as it is a water based moisturizer any one and every one can apply it.
    DR. Rashmi shetty claims that it is very important to keep your skin moisturised and hydrated 24X7 in every season.

    MY EXPERIENCE :  As I Mentioned above it is not a beauty product, I was introduced to “EMOLENE” by my Dermatologist. I personally love love love!!!! this product as it is water based and is the best moisturizer to use especially in summer. This cream dosent leave my skin oily / Greasy.
    Rather it leaves my skin smooth and well-nourished. Additional points to Emolene for never breaking me out. My skin is slightly prone to acne but by using this cream, it has lessen the chances of my skin breaking out.

    For best results, use it every morning and evening after washing the face with the face wash mentioned below.
    One tube can easily last a month as not too much of the product is required.

    PROS :

  • Very hydrating and moisturising

  • Makes the skin smooth and soft

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Non-greasy

  • Never broke me out

  • Reasonably priced and easily available at any chemist store.

    CONS :

  • Its aluminium tube makes it very difficult to take the cream out of it once it is about to finish.

Available at :

  • Last but not the least is our LAKME COMPLEXION CARE (CC)  CREAM.

  •   This instant skin stylist brings together all the goodness of your daily skin cream with just the right touch of make up to give you skin that looks styled by an expert, every day. 

  • It works as a foundation + sunscreen with spf 20 which is really good.
    Its priced decent enough Rs 265 for 30 ml.

  • It is a bit thick in consistency though it blends out very well. It dosent leave ur skin look cakey but if used too much on the face it can make u look white and patchy.

  • Talking about the coverage, it covers spots or marks and lightens up your dark circle upto one skin tone  but it dosent really cover extreme dark pimple marks.

  • Oily skin tone has to use a hack which is to apply the powder or compact or sweat zone area such as T- zone, Under eye, Under nose, and onto your chin.

    PROS :

  • Medium coverage hides imperfection.

  • Gives you an equal complexion to you face.

  • If blended completely, it can give you an airbrush effect.

  • Leaves the skin smooth.

  • Available at :

    CONS :

  • Very heavy cream based.

  • Have to use slightly more than your BB creams But also not overdose it or it may make you look white.

    That’s it Guys, These are my most essential/ must have products this summer. Hope you guys liked it!  Give it a <3  or Thumbs Up (Y) in the comments below.
    Till then Sayonara!
    KIssES :*

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